Disposable 3-layer Protective Mask

智能手表是具有信息处理能力,符合手表基本技术要求的手表。除指示时间之外,还应具有提醒、导航、校准、监测、交互等其中一种或者多种功能;显示方式包括指针、数字、图像等。2013年3月媒体报道,苹果、三星、谷歌等科技巨头都将在2013年晚些时候发布智能手表。美国市场研究公司Current Analysis分析师艾维·格林加特(Avi Greengart)认为2013年可能会成为智能手表元年。
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Product Detail

Disposable 3-layer Protective Mask and Disposable 3-layer Protective Medical Mask:
  • MOQ 2000 Pcs = 1 box
  • Mask size: 17.5x9.5 cm
  • Material: PP, non-woven, melt blown filter
  • Packaging: 50 psc per small box, 40 small box = 1 carton box
  • Carton box size: 40x40x53 cm
  • Carton box weight: 9 kg
  • Production lead time: 3-5 days
  • Production capacity: 1 million/week
  • CE Certificate
  • EXW Guangzhou, China

More details by direct contact with supplier in China:

We have a very affordable and fair price. We hope this helps even a little people around the world in this difficult time.
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